11 Questions for 11 People

11 Questions for 11 people (tagged by steppenwolf24)


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1.- If you could change your first and/or last name without problems, would you do it? Why? I would. I don’t really like my first name, so I probably would do it. Last name I wouldn’t, just in respect of my father and his family and because I really couldn’t care less about it.

2.- If you could move to any country, would you do it? why? which? Yes; I’d go to Australia, England, USA, Germany or Greece. I just think they’re so beautiful with very interesting culture and way of life. 

3.- Windows, Apple or Linux? Why? I like Apple simply because it’s good and I’d like to get me some, but it’s so fragile and expensive! I use Windows now because it’s easy to get. I have an iPod but I have to get it fixed because the thingy where you put the earphones it’s kinda broken ¬¬

4.- If you could travel in time and witness one defining moment of history, which would you choose? why? I had a really hard time answering this, but I think I really wouldn’t do it. In life, I never want to go back, I’m always looking forward… That’s why this question was so hard to answer, I think. I’m not a “If-I-could-ever-go-back” kinda guy. 

5.- Your thoughts on marriage equality. Everyone who is old enough to vote should be allowed to marry whoever they love. 

6.- If you could live inside the “universe” of one video game  which one would you choose? why? None. Everything’s so fucked up in every single one of them. 

7.- Books or eBooks? Why? Definitely books. Now they just feel special and I love the smell of old books. 

8.- Summer or Winter? Why? I really enjoy the winter, but I’m in love with summer nights, so I can’t choose. I couldn’t have just one or the other, I love having both.

9.- You’re asked to be one of the two members of the crew of a star ship and also you’re asked to choose any celebrity you want as you co-pilot. Who would you choose and why?  I’d choose Ellen DeGeneres, because it’s guaranteed fun. Well, I’d also choose Bradley Cooper or Michael Fassbender, but for very different reasons :D

10.- In your opinion, who’s the hottest person on earth? I wish I could answer this, but I’ve hardly seen 0,00000000000000001% of people of the Earth, so…

11.- Plane, train, car or bus? Why? I love plane traveling, but trains are so cool. Well, at least they were. Here we have some awful trains now that are ugly and uncomfortable.

My Questions

1.- What is the worst lie you’ve ever told? What context and consequences did it bring?

2.- When was the time you’ve been more afraid in your life?

3.- If you could live inside of a movie, which would it be and why?

4.- What were your 2012 goals? Did you achieve any of them? Which one(s)?

5.- Movies at the theater or at home? Why?

6.- What is the one thing you always keep around? Why?

7.- Have you ever loved anyone who is not family or friend? How was it?

8.- Are you easily embarrassed? When was the last time you were embarrassed?

9.- Have you truly hated anyone? Who?

10.- What are your thoughts on abortion?

11.- Confess something. Anything. And please be true. 

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